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The most important measure of whether there is enough support and enthusiasm to mount a successful campaign for Congress is how many of the candidate's friends and neighbors are willing to offer endorsements and/or to help in other ways.  In addition to your personal endorsement of Amassador Rees, you can:

  • Display a yard sign -- or, if your home or business is on a heavily traveled road, a larger (4' x 6') sign like the one pictured above
  • Talk with your friends, family and neighbors
  • Contact supporters through your social networks
  • Join our e-mail and calling tree campaign
  • Donate to the Rees Congressional Exploratory Committee
  • Help to raise money

Please take time to complete the volunteer form below.

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I will help the campaign in the following ways:

Display a yard sign

Run errands

Host an event

Phone voters

Walk in the District for Grover Joseph Rees

Raise contributions

Volunteer to Get Out The Vote

Send postcards to friends

Be a Poll worker

Contact your friends and neighbors by phone, email, and/or on social networks to encourage their support for Ambassador Rees

YES! I support Grover Joseph Rees and will allow my name to be used in the campaign.

YES! I support Grover Joseph Rees, but prefer my name NOT be used in the campaign.

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