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From his early conservative activism and his work in the Reagan Administration to his service as a United States Ambassador and as the U.S. Special Representative for Social Issues, Grover Joseph Rees has a long history of working for smaller government, lower taxes, a foreign policy that promotes American interests and values, and a culture of life. 

Smaller government:

Working in government taught me first-hand what most Americans have long suspected: that there really is way too much waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government -- at all levels and in all departments -- and that it makes us poorer not only as taxpayers but also as a nation.  Most federal officials and employees are decent and well-meaning people, and many of them are talented and hard-working as well.  But institutions have cultures, and the institutional culture of government agencies is almost always to get bigger and more powerful and less responsive with each passing year.  It's the job of Congress to control and reverse this process.  I have the knowledge, the experience, and the commitment to make important contributions to true government reform: making government smaller, less expensive, and more effective.

Lower Taxes:

The Establishment answer to every fiscal problem is that the government needs more revenue and that conservatives are being unreasonable by refusing to agree to tax increases.  I strongly disagree.  The solution to budget deficits is to reduce federal outlays.  We can start with the $800 billion 'stimulus' package that was enacted in 2008 as a temporary emergency measure but too many elements of which have become recurring expenditures.

Foreign Policy and National Defense:

The United States should strive not to be 'the world's only superpower' but to be the leader of the free world.  Other countries may be able to get away with foreign policies based on concepts such as multilateralism or the balance of power, or on their narrowly-defined economic and geopolitical interests.  The United States is different. Our relations with other governments must be based on promoting our just interests and also our values -- and we must remain strong enough to defend these interests and values.

The Right to Life:

We judge societies by how they treat their most vulnerable members. The Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade has resulted in the deaths of over a million unborn children every year. We must restore respect and protection for innocent human life, beginning with the elimination of federal government funding for the abortion industry.

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